The Past – Concrete Slabs

Most concrete slabs usually required the back-breaking digging of trenches, with the added difficulty of:

  • trying to accurately estimate the amount of concrete used, and
  • disposing of the excavated rubble

And if it rained, work had to be stopped – and the trenches and reinforcement had to be dried and cleaned.

Now and the Future – Waffle Pods

Waffle Pods were first developed in the 1980’s.  Polystyrene was used and tested, as it is:

  • environmentally friendly (less waste)
  • less expensive
  • can still be used in the wet
concrete slabs

Newly Made Waffle Pods

Newly Made Waffle Pods

Waffle Pods Installed

Waffle Pods Installed

Waffle Pods for Recycling

Waffle Pods for Recycling