The Waffle Pod Slab system is an innovative method of constructing concrete slabs, providing enormous strength and durability and significantly reducing building costs. Built ‘on-ground’ rather than ‘in-ground’, the Waffle Pod Slab eliminates the need for labour intensive trenching – which is required in conventional concrete slab construction methods. Construction takes place on cleared level surfaces, allowing work to continue uninterrupted in wet weather. And Waffle Pod Slabs allow a more accurate specification of concrete quantities.  This results in:

  • reduced waste
  • minimal impact on the environment
  • less soil disturbance
  • no excavated rubble from trenches to dispose of.

The on-ground slab, with air pockets created by the Pods, forms an insulating layer between the structure and the ground.

Real World Implementations of Waffle Pod Slabs

Waffle Pod Slab system

Concrete waffle slabs are not usually used in typical construction projects. They are only practical for more specialized projects that involve clean rooms, spaces that need to be isolated from low frequency vibrations or rooms needing low floor deflections.

The waffle forms that are used for wall slabs are usually available in sizes of 6”, 8” or 10” with 45 or 90 degree forms. The waffle pockets in the slabs provide two directional reinforcements that facilitate significant structural stability without the need for extra construction material.

The concrete waffle slab is normally used in industrial and commercial building construction, while wood and metal waffle slabs are used in various other construction sites. The main advantage this technology offers is its strong foundation characteristics that include crack and sagging resistance. Waffle slabs also hold a much greater amount of load as compared to the conventional concrete slabs.

Where Are They Used?

Waffle slabs should work really well on sites that are flat (or almost flat), have natural soils or controlled fill, that have good surface strength and where the natural ground surface falls away from the outsides of the building and in all general directions. They work perfectly well on non-reactive sites, slightly reactive clay sites and some moderately reactive clay sites.

Waffle slabs are not recommended for use on highly reactive clay sites (Class H1 and H2) because the requirements for good drainage will be nearly impossible to achieve.